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visuOWL D.RE.AM 2019
visual simplicity
in a complex world !

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication...
Leonardo Da Vinci
We supply your needed tools for sustainable performance
The Quest for genius of simplicity
visuOWL tools to solve the world complexity
to make it greater again for your organization !

visuOWL Enterprise Global Real-Time Performance Monitoring solutions

Using best display solutions
with HTML5 + CSS3,
Flash or JavaFx

We adapt our real-time rendering solutions to your devices
and environment constraints
visuOWL: visually adapted !

Adobe Flash CC, HTML5 + CSS3 , Oracle JavaFX

visuOWL D.RE.AM 2019 !©:
Adapting your vision
to our changing world !

Since 118 years visuOWL global partners
adapt organizations to glocal challenges and dreams of your people.
These challenges are expressed in these videos...
Los Angeles California USA - Michael Shainblum

visuOWL D.RE.AM 2019 !©:
Adapting your vision
to our changing world !

Since 118 years visuOWL global partners
adapt organizations, their vision aptitude
and perspective to boost their performance,
to win the local up to global adaptation challenges...
These global challenges are expressed in these videos...

visuOWL®: your access point to the global widest range of financial & IT solutions & services to boost your organization.

visuOWL® D.RE.AM 2019!©

D.RE.AM 2019!©
2019 ! Time to Design, REengineering, REdesign, REdefine, your vision, your organization, from the morning (AM) to the night, within the constraint of a fast, wide and always more complex environment in which you have to "AM" Actively Manage your assets. A REactive "AM" Assets Management. Beyond borders, beyond constraints ! A DREAM of 2019 realized as you imagine it for your projects, your organization. Based on a simpler and more reactive vision and visualization tool whatever the complexity of the figures, dropping them to universal and meaningful colored icons. Symbols, icons and aggregated assets to scale and adapt to BIG DATA. To the quality, strategy, criticity and volume of data and assets performance you have to handle and optimize. Since the beginning, we and our experts partners are here, by your side, to make it a success. The best is yet to come, together let's D.RE.AM 2019!
For more than a century, visuOWL® global partners and suppliers as NEC (1898), Oracle, Dell,..., and financial groups for which we worked or our bank tenders as BNP Paribas (1872), Société Générale (1864), Viel & Cie Tradition TSAF have been focusing on the search, the development and the supply of the best quality of service (QoS).
This is this more than a century long experience they today and as always involve into the best financial and IT services but also in the design of fault tolerant solutions, stress & crisis resistant models and methodologies.
visuOWL® adds an ultimate layer above those services and solutions to comply your present and future needs and help you to success your adaptation and evolution challenges.
visuOWL® founders thanks to their critical long experience in Finance, stock exchange markets and IT & Telecom will finance your growth, supply, integrate or develop for you the best solutions.
Whatever your organization is an international administration, a Global 500 company, a local company or a freelance professional business, visuOWL® and its global partners will always success to comply to your simplest up to your most critical and strategic requirements.
visuOWL® and its global partners and business network in Finance & IT is a massive network of experts dedicated to the adaptation and evolution of your company.

Long Term Performance = Max(QoS)©

visuOWL® experts focus on the best Performance ratio: our consultants will provide you according to your budget the best Price to Quality of Service (QoS) ratio solutions and services for your present needs. We will define with your agreement and according to your intern methodology and business process management, the best fitting solutions to your business trends and your needs of evolution and adaption to success those new challenges. We rely on the performance of the giant portfolios of products and services of our top global partners and suppliers completed with our own lab custom and on demand solutions.
They ensure our proximity and local support thanks to their local presence worldwide: NEC ®, Oracle ®, Dell ®...

Global Partners & selected suppliers

visuOWL® D.RE.AM 2019!©

is the most adapted and versatile solution to the evolution of your core business up to the focus of your track records, points of interest, targets or activities.

  • visuOWL essentials "Primal D.RE.AM 2019 !©",
  • visuOWL Enterprise "People D.RE.AM 2019 !©
  • visuOWL Premium "COSMOS D.RE.AM 2019"©,

visuOWL® lab portfolio selected solutions allow you to dive real time into virtual reality worlds and real time interfaces to set the environment, to set your world as you want it to be.
Contact us to let us advise you about the visuOWL® & Global partners offers which ensure the success to your present, short and long term business challenges.

Responsive & Easily Customized

visuOWL® solution & services are adapted to your front office constraints. We display real-time to CEO, executives, managers, end users,..., all your data in Adobe Flash, HTML5 + CSS3 or within special Apps & containers. We collect and syndicate, from any middle and back office protocol or resource, all those strategic data and big data through analytics grids, models and templates .
visuOWL® lab and its global partners solutions then displays in the simplest way, the only needed information to instantly help you to take the best decision ...

Let's D.RE.AM 2019 !©

  • Cloud Ready,
  • On Demand,
  • Fast deployment,

visuOWL® Let's D.RE.AM 2019 !© solutions let you evolve freely between our 3 programs to adapt quickly to your present and future needs with fast upgrade or downsizing.

  • visuOWL® Cloud essentials©
  • visuOWL® On Demand Enterprise©
  • visuOWL® Real-Time Premium©

visuOWL® Let's D.RE.AM 2019 !© is ready and optimized to be instantly deployed in micro services, containers & virtual machines, in your existing infrastructure or OnDemand in a virtual infrastructure as a private or public Cloud.

IT Global Services

Big Data sensing & images capture

visuOWL® designs, structures and collects data to generate Big Data libraries. We give you the opportunity to get rapid analytics answers and visualizations from those libraries for your Business Intelligence activities. We design and supply you all the tools and services for operational short term up to long term strategic management.

Smart Grids & Power management

Smart Grids is not only the needed power supply for your activities, it is before all the future basis of your productivity, your performance and source of profits for your industrial & services activities which consume power when they are used at full capacity or become power producing local nodes.

Global loops, inventory & infrastructure planning

Our planet is round! It leads to local or seasonal peaks of activity or overloads to the closest local iT or Power infrastructures while others at the same time remain totally underused at the other side of the planet. It is now time to manage globally load-balancers, time shifting and Content Delivery Networks to prevent Denial Of Service or under-capacity crisis. It is also time to deploy new generations of signal relays and local power and information storage facilities to cover the last mile. To cover the last white areas to allow the ubiquity access to information as proposed by projects.

Knowledge & performance management

Knowledge management is the information structuration, valuation and updating of inventoried archives or libraries and the knowledge and know-how of the human resource of your organization. They are now accessible globally at a decreasing cost thanks to digital means and standard protocols (Internet). The performance of your organization is the result of the best management of its knowledge.

Welcome To visuOWL®

visuOWL DLABS Partners wishes you an happy new year 2019
All the visuOWL DLABS Partners join me to wish you all the best and an happy new year 2019!
CEO & Co-Founder, Oliver John Paul DUHAMEL

  • Standard ready and OnDemand services & solutions in Cloud
  • Customized and long term projects with the workforce of the 350.000+ men and women from our Global partners.

visuOWL® Business Networks Finance & I.T

visuOWL® is a reactive company allied to reliable global leaders to answer to any local up to global project. Whatever you are a freelance worker up to a Global 500 company manager or owner, we and our partners will supply you as NEC more than 118 years of experience in iT, Electric & Smartgrids, technical facilities design.
By the same way, our contacts in the major global banks and funds from Dauphine Alumni, previous and present experience for major international banks (BNP Paribas, La Poste Group), major institutions (I.M.F , World Bank) and I.T solutions for stock exchange (GL Trade Sungard, Mc Graw Hill Financial, Viel & Cie, Tradition TSAF) will value the experience and excellence in Management & global finance of their organization. This is our fast and reliable way to answer to your simplest up to the most complex needs to finance your organization.

  • visuOWL® your valuable access point to global Financial & iT networks
  • visuOWL®, the best simple solutions to your complex needs and challenges.
  • DLABS: innovative research alliance to design today your desired future
  • visuOWL® Lab, your business link to major references, critical and strategic business experience in Finance & iT.

Latest Posts: Happy new year 2019 !

Happy new year 2019, our best wishes from our teams to you and your relatives !
2019 is now, a new year to realize the priorities to face which were clearly confirmed by recent events as global challenges. Whatever the local opposition to a progressive change, as every change and progress has a transaction cost, a cost of change. As in the past years, we and our partners as we are builders and actors of progress don't doubt the best is yet to come ! It is now with the confirmed proofs in 2018 of climate change, to make it come quick, whatever the transaction cost because we have to adapt !
Major identified seasons extremes, sun lighting length in contrast to massive rains and floods, massive fires in Californi, the signals and proofs that climate change now impact mainstreams and generate massive climate events
Make our planet great again with the defense of the core values, defending the poorest against the Evil and the dictatorship of tyrans... Liberty, Equality and Fraternity within a framework of progress and order. Progress comes from organised evolution, consensus, not from CHAOS!
The strong, firm, caring, protecting and open hand policy, enforced by several years of economic recovery and benefits. 2019: It is time to contribute and share ! No free lunch !
Sharing more than ever with the positive people everywhere: builders, entrepreneurs, educators, social workers, representatives, leaders, open minded and moderate religious guides without political ambitions.
Thanks to elections, dictatorships are one by one falling in Africa, Asia, South America, Europe,... let's make an effort to support those new democracies to prevent the fall into nationalism, isolationism
Answer those distant calls, the claims to access to the essential. More for those who still have nothing in 2019, not event the essential, the calls for better by those who already have this essential and expect better. Crossing the bridge to help them to stay on it, to show them the way to the other side, over the cliff, the jump of the believer, yes a better way, a better world exists, it is in us, it is our faith, let's make the Leap of Faith !
The fear does not reduce the danger, changes and challenges are here, those who don't adapt will die. Changing for better is not a possibility, it is a necessity, the sole possility to adapt us to accelerating changes, to survive to those changes
Some by 2018 reacted by their votes to those who chose the way of isolation, of staying alone, to stay outside while the storm is here. It is our goal to confirm that there is more value created by exchange and open behaviour than putting your people in a fortress, making a continent a jail...
More than ever in 2019, United we stand, divided we fall. Inspired by Baden-Powell founder of Scout (Scounting): "Alone, one goes faster; together we go further..."
United inside the same house even if some in a disorganized way chose to leave the house, independency has its cost. We have to manage the house more carefully, it is a small and fragile house, but all united inside it, we can make it stronger. Thanks to our work in 2019 we wil keep on making it a safer place, maintain it as it always was: a beautiful and single exceptional place for humankind within a universe of adversity. This is our place !
Let's keep on walking closely together in 2019, as we started to stride united in 2017.
We must confirm the cape, the cape to progress let's navigate towards it, whatever the facing onshore winds and swells, whatever the opposition of some people who still don't see this cape clearly
Some leaders and masses kept on following unknown directions selected by foolish blind charismatic leaders while all the objective figures show them it can only end to cliffs !
Keeping the Lemmings walks, lemmings jumps to maintain their selfish attributes, privileges !
In 2019, let's open our mind, eyes, heart and ears, wide open !
As THE answer to foolish minds, to blind leaders, keeping this clearly established vision, carefull hearing, more sensitive feeling, leading to human more empathy, balanced with an even more rational thinking helped with the added benefits of Artificial Intelligence, the knowledge of the whole humanity.
Let's keep the Cape and get there faster to protect from incoming storms, this is the sole rational direction for all of us.

Happy new year 2019, our best positive and building wishes. May all your positive personnal and professional projects started in 2018 and before with this new cape realize and be successful. The best is yet to come, let's make come sooner together !

Thursday January 10th, 2019

Boost your business in Germany

Settle your EMEA headquarters in Leipzig thanks to our fast business settlement package.

Brexit: 45-year's loss, a divorce crisis confirmed as positive opportunities.

Focus on all the things which unite us and enrich yourself valuing our differences.
In march 2019, within less than 2 months, and then during the 35 next incoming years (the expected time to negociate and set an economic and legal agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom); the estimated time to handle the European Union Brexit solo walk UK's people (52% expressed voters), the European Union will have to handle the leaving of UK of the EU. The undefined vote (unclearly defined or defined on false commitments by nationalist parties) of those 52% expressed voters. Now defining the true and fairly valuated cost of the Brexit within a trade agreement for the future !
Trying to maintain exchange and open protecting hand and open doors to those 48% expressed voters who feel deeply themselves as European Union citizens and now for some of them express their will to settle their future within the European Union. Trying to prevent a huge mess for the British citizens who had no idea of the complexity of a Brexit.
People suffer of unclear and wrongly advised policy by foolish leaders, this is also the cost of independence.
Independence has sometimes a huge cost and requires high methodology, clear vision and strategy. There is no free lunch at the European Union table ! And Brexit paycheck which was first estimated billions is in fact trillions scheme with the departure of clearing companies as EUROCLEAR to Brussels or American Banks European headquarters from the City to the continent. Setting an exchange agreement takes decades, as EU negociated it for more than 40 years with Norway and Switzerland
Unity makes Strength in bilateral exchange negociations.
A unified and clear vision withing the European Union is compulsory not only to face and handle Brexit but also the massive and rapid economic slowdown in China on the last trimester, and the incoming blowing of the huge bubble in Real Estate: 20% of vacancy at the scale of China for all the real estate projects...
Those are the global challenges we are working on since years at visuOWL. Defining and designing tools to handle strategic assets from real-time to long term simulation.
A wish and will for better by handling crisis with a better vision of masses, faster computing of Big Data. A positive moto led by our imagination and tools design, strategic services to handle those strategic global challenges.
Trying to reach the best clear, simple vision to design and act for the best future. A future of more for those who have nothing and a future of better for those who are at an upper stage of their pyramid of needs (Maslow's hierarchy of needs) and who focus on quality more than quantity. So again, whatever Brexit, isolationism, so many opportunities to seize the day in 2019 to make our close environment better, at our scale.
So rare opportunities to seize to all meet for the setting, the financing, the political commitment, technical cooperation and operational global design for the mutual gain of all the inhabitants of our so small planet.
We are nations, we are United Nations, we are Organized United Nations, even if some blocks, if some massive nations isolate themselves by nationalist policies. We are globally linked by economic, political, religious, defense alliances, treaties, agreements, and in 2019 more than ever, we confirm the good cape chosen by United Nations, united groups of nations not to stay isolated to face the global challenge to make our planet great again, to make economic unions enforced stronger than ever: "We are everyday wiser Human People thanks to information", let's fight fake news, financial and mental corruption, time to get rid of lower stage minds, time to get rid of primal predators, primal leaders, blind dictators and manipulators.

Updated January 1Oth 2019

2019 CANADA - EU CETA was signed, let's start exchange !

October 30th 2016

Get your Canadian products promoted and sold by us or our partners from the heart of Europe.
Settling, Promoting, selling, Financing & lobbying in Brussels Or if you are a Canadian Importer and want to enlarge your imports portfolio with the best European products still missing in Canada, just contact us ! We are next to the largest ports of Europe and biggest logistics plateform of Brussels and Paris. Trade with Europe !